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This page is about the Second Gathering, another meeting between Incubus Kings, supposedly for reaching an agreement about Tower magic, allegedly promoted by the Lustlord. Does anyone believe that? Time for another round of orgies, orc fights and snooping.

This page is based on the information compiled by Fulminato and shared in this thread.

Variables[edit | edit source]

The relevant stats for the calculation of the events are:

  • Esthera RP[1]
  • Balia RP[2]
  • Orc Strength[3]
  • Orc Sapience[4]
  • Orc Magic[5]
  • Orc Attractiveness[6]
  • Economy[7]
  • Social[8]
  • Tak'Kan score[9]
  • Tak'Kan Wilds monster groups killed
  • Chalice States score[10]
  • New Givini score[11]
  • Erosia score[12]
  • Ghenalon score[13]
  • Orgasmic Empire score[14]
  • Yhilin Final achieved
  • Eustrin Final achieved

The investments with an effect are:

  • Tak'Kan Mine
  • Imp Office
  • Orcish Democracy
  • Orc Pools Upgrade
  • Hall of Mental Strength
  • Lonely Sailor

The relevant research topics are:

  • Tower Delving, started or completed
  • Orc Diversification[15]

Other factors:

  • Total harem size
  • Janine wedding
  • Dari joined the harem
  • Wynn joined the harem
  • Trin RP-locked
  • Have the Orcsphere
  • Having seen the Orcent-Lucy-Kara dialogue in the HQ[16]
  • Having triggered the Orcent-Kara 'rough' sex scene[17]
  • Ralke Transformation
  • Stipulate a mutually-beneficial ceasefire with Xestris during the Erosian War
  • Finished Orri's Restaurant quest

Scenario[edit | edit source]

There are four main event variables that will determine your outcomes in the Second Gathering:

  • Gathering Influence,
  • Gathering Rodak,
  • Gathering Philon, and
  • Gathering Orgasmic.

An important secondary variable to track is

  • Vunne RP

This is a difficult sequence to optimize, however, as most decisions will require you to trade these variables off against each other. It is not possible to obtain a perfect outcome, and as of v0.59, it is not clear what the ultimate consequences of all options are. In particular, it seems likely that it's more important to optimize for getting the best decisions out of the Pan-Succubus Council rather than minimizing collateral damage on Day 7, but we do not yet know for sure.

All else being equal, the game developer has observed that your ending value of Gathering Philon will have later consequences while the other Gathering variables probably will not.[18]

Yhilin Palace[edit | edit source]

The section start with you controlling Ginasta. After relaxing in the palace bath she meets Qum (Ginasta +2). Other characters are in the royal chambers and want to talk with Ginasta.[19]

Character Condition Ginasta
Carina - +2
Fuani +1
Lynine RP locked +3
otherwise +1
Yarra Janine joined +2
otherwise +1
Dari Dari joined +2

After talking with everyone, interact with Simon and start the Second Gathering.

Day 1[edit | edit source]

After the first chit-chat with the Empress, Simon lays the main objectives of the meeting: project soft power, inhibit any large scale violence and try to reach the population of Rodak, Philon and Orgasmic Empire to promote positive change in their society. In the Doom King's chambers there are some harem members with comments about day-to-day activities and Simon's decisions, but they are only flavor text. Interact with the Doom King armor to start the first meeting between shardholders in the Alabaster Hall.
Nine Incubus Kings are attending the Gathering: Five are the well established rulers (the Lustlord, the Anak, the Empress, the Doom King and the Lord of Blood) and there are four young kings (Nyst, Mestan, Fuzkao and Skullpounder).

There are four opportunities during the discussion in the Alabaster Hall to influence the plenum of the shardholders or target a specific country.

When the Lustlord tries to become a patron for the new Incubus Kings:

  • Say Nothing: no change
  • Offer Doom King's support: Gathering Influence +1, Gathering Rodak -1, Gathering Philon -1
  • Call out tactic: Gathering Influence -1, Gathering Rodak -1, Gathering Orgasmic +1
  • Hint for Esthera to call out[20]: Gathering Orgasmic +1

During the bickering about the daily events each king can organize:

  • Remain silent: no change
  • Support Esthera: Gathering Influence -1, Gathering Orgasmic +2
  • Support Lustlord: Gathering Rodak +2, Gathering Orgasmic -1
  • Support Anak Xerces: Gathering Philon +2

After Fuzkao shows his ignorance about Tower magic:

  • Remain silent: Gathering Influence +1
  • Explain: no change
  • Mock: Gathering Influence +1, Gathering Philon -1

The last decision lays out the general approach of the Doom King's interaction during the remainder of the meeting:

  • Influence the whole Gathering: Gathering Influence +2
  • Support Esthera: Gathering Orgasmic +2
  • Extend olive branch to Lustlord: Gathering Rodak +2
  • Appeal to Anak: Gathering Philon +2

Leaving the shardholders to their conversation, the control switches to Aka's team for a preliminary recon of the Gathering complex, there are lots of succubi and orcs, most of them have only flavor text, with a few exceptions:

  • Orcent[21]: Gathering Influence +1
  • Grubbak[22]: Gathering Orgasmic +1
  • Unsuccubus Guard[23]: Gathering Influence +1
  • Vunne[24]: +1 Vunne

When you finish the scouting, interact with the Doom King's door to start the next day.

Day 2[edit | edit source]

The second day's main event will be the Trials of Orcish Strength organized by the Lord of Blood. The trials are composed by three different competitions, one made by solo matches, one for elite groups, and a mass infantry round. For information about orc statistics, check the orc breeding page.

Solo matches[edit | edit source]

Orcent will fight in the Doom King's name. But first Balia can improve one aspect of the orc army.

  • Prioritize raw strength: Orc Strength +2, Gathering Influence +1
  • Prioritize Tower magic: Orc Magic +2, Gathering Rodak +3, Gathering Philon +1
  • Prioritize civilization: Orc Sapience +2, Gathering Orgasmic +1, Gathering Philon +3
  • Prioritize attractiveness: Orc Attractiveness +2, Gathering Orgasmic +3, Gathering Philon +1

If your Tak'Kan score is ≥ 50, Tak'Kan's orcs will fight for the Doom King, granting +1 Balia Final Point. Orcent receives two new skills, Blinding Attack and Burning Attack, as well as some buffs in levels and stats depending on his past interactions:

  • Mandatory: Orcent level +5, MMP+30
  • Orcent/Kara 'Rough' Scene[25]: Orcent level +3, MMP+20, MAG+5, MDF+20
  • Orcent + Kara (if you didn't get the "rough" scene benefit)[26]: Orcent level +2, MMP+20

There are five Solo fights, in order: Skullpounder orc, wild ogre, Blood Orc veteran, Orgasmic champion and a Rodak elite.

The Orgasmic champion begs you to let him win, because otherwise he will be killed by his mistress. You can escape the fight if you choose, thus instantly surrendering to him. If you let him win, you will find him in Climax, the Orgasmic capital, on day three.[27]

Based on the number of fights won, the Lord of Blood will give you a reward.

  • 5 wins: Balia Final Point +2, Gathering Influence +2, Orcish Champion's Medal, 5,000 Sx
  • 4 wins: Balia Final Point +1, Gathering Influence +1, 1,000 Sx
  • 3 wins: 500 Sx
  • ≤ 2 wins: Balia Final Point -1, Gathering Influence -2

After the solo competition, Aka's group will start their investigation.[28] See the relevant section for details.

Enemy table
Enemy Weakness Resistance
Skullpounder Orc Fire Sex
Wild Ogre Fire ATK Debuff
Blood Orc Veteran Fire Sex
Orgasmic Champion Fire Sex
Rodak Elite Fire Sex

Elite fights[edit | edit source]

At the start of the section, Balia is busy improving the army for the mass infantry round. As before, she can improve one trait of the army, this time by adding some specialists:

  • Add more ogres: Orc Strength +2
  • Add more magic users: Orc Magic +2
  • Add more knights: Orc Sapience +2
  • Add more warriors: Orc Attractiveness +2

Just after that, your team will assemble: Ralke, the Impaler and Implevon will join Orcent if they are still alive, Grubbak if your Tak'Kan score is ≥ 50. If all of them join the fight you gain +1 Balia Final Point. Every orc will gain some buffs based on investments and past actions:

Character Condition Buffs
Ralke transformed[29] yes level+7, ATK+5, DEF+5, MAG+5, MDF+5, AGI+5
no level+4
The Impaler invested in
Tak'Kan Mine
yes level+7, ATK+15,DEF+5
no level+5, ATK+10
# kills in
Tak'Kan Wilds
≥ 5 ATK-5, AGI-5
4-3 ATK+5, AGI+5
≤ 2 ATK+10, AGI+10
Implevon Imp Offices
yes level+5, ATK+10, AGI+20
no level+4, AGI+10
Grubbak mandatory level+2
invested in
Orcish democracy level+3
Orc Pools Upgrade level+2, DEF+10
Hall of Mental Strength MAG+20, MDF+10
Lonely Sailor level+2, ATK+10, AGI+10

There are four matches, in which you fight against other groups of four combatants. Skullpounder orcs, Orgasmic Empire group (trained by Nalili[30]), Lord of Blood's veterans and Rodakan Elites.

You will be rewarded based on the number of fights won:

  • 4 wins: Gathering Influence +2, Balia Final Point +2, 2,500 Sx
  • 3 wins: Gathering Influence +1, Balia Final Point +1. 500 Sx
  • 2 wins: Nothing
  • 1 win: Gathering Influence -1, Balia Final Point -1, Gathering Orgasmic +2, Nalili Threw Match ON
  • no win: Gathering Influence -1, Balia Final Point -1

After the Team fights, the Orilise's team contacts Xestris,the Anak's subordinate, for preliminary negotiations. Xerces' right hand asks for a token of good intentions for future collaboration: persuade the Empress not to use Zirantians or slaves in the next day's orgy.

Enemy table
Enemy Weakness Resistance
Skullpounder Orc Fire Sex
Blood Orc Veteran Fire Sex
Rodak Elite Fire Sex
Orgasmic Cutter Fire Sex
Orgasmic Rogue Lightning Sex, Fire, Ice
Orgasmic Mage None Sex, Fire, Ice, Lightning

Mass infantry round[edit | edit source]

  • If Wynn joined the harem she can help Balia in her work, granting +2 Balia Final Point.
  • If you investigated the Lord of Blood successfully[31] or the Skullpounder[32] Dari will report their discoveries and this will be a huge help for Balia (Balia Final Point +2), otherwise if the investigation about the Lustlord is successfull[33], it will help Balia a bit (Balia Final Point +1), nothing for other investigation targets.
  • If you have the Orcsphere, you gain +3 Balia Final Point.

The battle is fixed and Doom King's orcs will win the melee. But how well they win, depends on many factors:

Condition Effect
Balia RP locked[34] Balia Final Point +3
≥ 100 Balia Final Point +2
≤ 99 -
≥ 70 Balia Final Point +2
69-60 Balia Final Point +1
59-40 -
≤ 39 Balia Final Point -1
≥ 15 Balia Final Point +5, Gathering Influence +3
14 Balia Final Point +4
13-12 Balia Final Point +1
≤ 11 -
≥ 12 Balia Final Point +5, Gathering Philon +2
11-10 Balia Final Point +2
9-8 Balia Final Point +1
≤ 7 -
≥ 9 Balia Final Point +5, Gathering Orgasmic +2
8-7 Balia Final Point +2
6-5 Balia Final Point +1
≤ 4 -
≥ 8 Balia Final Point +5, Gathering Rodak +2
7-6 Balia Final Point +2
5-4 Balia Final Point +1
≤ 3 -

And the final result is:

Balia Final
Result Balia Comment
≥ 23 Shining Sword, Gathering Influence +5, Gathering Rodak +1, Gathering Orgasmic +1, Gathering Philon +1, Rodak +1, Orgasmic +1, Tak'Kan +3 I don't think we could possibly have done any better! This was amazing!
22-20 Gathering Influence +5 And we won overwhelmingly. This was fun!
19-17 Gathering Influence +3 And we won decisively. This was fun!
16-11 Gathering Influence +1 But not as decisively as we should have...
≤ 10 Nothing But nowhere near as decisively as we should have...

Near the end of the day Simon and Esthera will discuss the next day's event organization, you have the opportunity to tune down the Empress' plan, as Xestris asked you to do.

  • Keep original event: Gathering Influence +2, Gathering Orgasmic +2, Gathering Rodak +2
  • Reduce Zirantian presence: Gathering Rodak +1, Gathering Philon +2, Orgy: Zirantian Plan ON
  • Reduce slave presence: Gathering Rodak -1, Gathering Orgasmic -1, Gathering Philon +5, Orgy: Slave Plan ON

Day 3[edit | edit source]

The Empress' Orgy[edit | edit source]

The Doom King will be pretending to busy with his harem during the day, and Nalili will be tasked to help smooth the flow of the orgy in the Emerald Hall. Talking to various people around the hall gives you options to that end. Your goal is to increase the Orgy Point score.
Speaking with Vunne doesn't contribute to this score but grants +1 RP with her.

Factor/Person Choice/Condition Effect
Simon's Decision Orgy: Slave Plan ON Orgy Point -2, +3 Ginasta
Orgy: Zirantian Plan ON Orgy Point -1, +1 Ginasta
Orgy: Slave Plan OFF &
Orgy: Zirantian Plan OFF
-5 Ginasta
Succubus in
Skullpounder's room
just talk to her Orgy Point +2
Succubus in the
Lustlord's room
tingling Orgy Point +1
chilling Orgy Point +2
burning -
expensive Orgy Point +2
Succubus in the
Anak's room
mandatory Orgy Point +1
the Lustlord Gathering Rodak +1
the Empress Gathering Orgasmic +1, +2 Esthera
the lesser kings Gathering Influence +1
Mestan +5 Mestan
Succubus in the
Lord of Blood's
lubricated -
oversized Orgy Point +1
animal cock Orgy Point +1
big spiky Orgy Point +2
talk to her again Gathering Orgasmic +1
Lord of Blood Orgy: Slave Plan ON Orgy Point +1
Orgy: Zirantian Plan ON Orgy Point +1
Orgy: Slave Plan OFF &
Orgy: Zirantian Plan OFF

After the work is done, talk to Esthera to end the section.

Orgy Point Effect Esthera comment
≥ 6 Gathering Influence +1, Gathering Orgasmic +1, +2 Esthera, +2 Nalili Huh. Your work on this orgy... it's actually not bad at all.
5-4 Gathering Influence +1 You know what? Your work on this orgy... I've seen worse, girl. I've seen a lot worse.
3-2 - Well, I suppose you could have done a worse job.
≤ 1 Gathering Influence -1 Hmph, half-assing the job like always. Have you grown up at all?

After the second-in-command orgy, Aka's team will start another investigation. See the relevant section for details.

Climax, Orgasmic Capital[edit | edit source]

After another round of investigation, Riala's group will visit the capital to make contacts in preparation of the pan-succubus council, and to strengthen and the economic ties between the Orgasmic Empire and the nations of Arclent. Your success is measured in Riala Points.

Character/Factor Prerequisite Location Effect
Succubus Council - Palace 2F, Meeting room[35] Riala Points +2[36]
Orc Champion Orcent lost against him next to the slave market Spared Orc Connection ON[37]
Shipping guild - Building to the right of the shipping crates Riala Points +1, +2 Ginasta
Skullpounder's runaway succubi Skullpounder Underlings ON[38] Brothel, the left bed Riala Points +1, Underlings Connection ON[37]
Lamia representative - Café Riala Points +1, Lamia Contact ON
Café bartender Café Riala Points +2
Runaway children quest[39] Palace 1F, chamber of appeals Riala Points +2, Triplet Quest Done ON
Lexande Palace 1F, guest rooms[40] Lexande Connection ON
Professional Meeting Palace 3F, Palace bath Riala Points +2
Healing Needed Palace 1B, Palace Prison Riala Points +2

After completing your business, leave the city through the left exit.

Day 4[edit | edit source]

To everyone's surprise, Xerces had planned an event, a race in the Tower to teach the basics of the Tower to the kings ignoring its existence, and to reward the king who would show the best mastery of the Tower (measured with the Anak's Gauntlet score).

Recon team[edit | edit source]

Robin and Riala, with the help of Sabitha, will assess the situation. If you have scouted the tower with Aka's team at least one time you gain a bonus (Anak's Gauntlet +2), having completed the Tower delving research project will grant another bonus (Anak's Gauntlet +2), if the research is only started the bonus is smaller (Anak's Gauntlet +1).

After that you are free to explore the place and kill every enemy you find. There are seven chests[41]. You can open them now, but if opened during the race you will find better loot. If you convinced Esthera not to use Zirantians or slaves during the orgy and have stipulated a ceasefire during the Erosia War you will find Xestris completing her works, giving you a little bonus (Anak's Gauntlet +1).
There are two Analyzing Spells that can be spotted in advance. The first is unmissable, the second is close to the start of the race, just at the right of the larger column after the first jump. Passing during the race througth that point reduces your Anak's Gauntlet score by one point if your party never spotted it, or -2 if you knew its location. Passing in the unmissable one yields an Anak's Gauntlet -2. (To be clear, its detection is unmissable, but you're not forced to go through it.) Both points will set Race Analysis ON, but its effects are unknown in the current version.

Contents of the chests
Location Before the Race During the Race
Uyae dialogue 7 Sx 1,111 Sx
Near the mirror 33 Sx 333 Sx
Behind a statue[42] Witch's Hat Grand Witch's Hat
Top right of the map 7 Sx 777 Sx
Top of the map Healing Potion Huge Healing Potion
Behind rose window[43] 11 Sx 1,111 Sx
Central left of the map Revive Potion Sacred Revive Potion

Talk with Sabitha at the start of the race to switch to Aka's team, starting another investigation.

Enemy table
Enemy Weakness Resistance
Inchoate Eye Earth, Poison, Blind, Silence
Inchoate Insect Sex, Fire, Lightning Physical, Anti-Sex, Ice, Poison (element), Earth
Inchoate Flier Sex, Anti-Sex, Ice, Poison (element), Earth
Inchoate Scythe Anti-Sex, Fire Ice, Lightning, Poison (element), Earth
Divine Finger Sex, Anti-Sex, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison (element), Earth
Sacred Wing Sex, Anti-Sex, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison (element), Earth
Burning Prayer Anti-Sex, Ice Sex, Fire, Lightning, Poison (element), Earth
Freezing Prayer Anti-Sex, Fire Sex, Ice, Lightning, Poison (element), Earth
Pure Corporeal Demon Physical Sex, Anti-Sex, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison (element), Earth
Carnal Arcane Demon Sex, Ice Physical, Anti-Sex, Fire, Earth
Nothingness Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison (element), Earth
Wild Hunter Ice Sex, Anti-Sex, Lightning, Poison (element), Earth
Inchoate Spider Sex, Lightning Physical
Corporeal Spider Physical Sex, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison (element), Earth

Optimal route[edit | edit source]

The below image shows the quickest route through the race course which also allows you to open all chests and avoid both analysis traps along the way. It can be completed in about 40 seconds if you enable the "auto-dash" and "instant text" options and hold the text-skip button (CTRL) when opening chests.

Optimal route through the Anak's gauntlet

Race[edit | edit source]

The timer starts the moment you pass the first column, it starts at 10:00, counting down, and the less time you take, the higher your score bonus. After commenting on your time, Xerces also comments on the number of chests you opened during the race.

Time used
Timer Anak's Gauntlet Comment
≤ 10 9:59-9:50 +0[44] You were extremely fast. Suspiciously fast.
11-30 9:49-9:30 +8 I confess, I hadn't expected anyone to complete the course quite so quickly.
31-45 9:29-9:15 +6 An impressive time, placing you above all the others.
46-60 9:14-9:00 +4 Not bad, but the Lustlord completed the course on his phase first.
61-120 8:59-8:00 +2 Not bad, but you've come in behind the Lustlord and the Empress.
121-599 7:59-0:01 +0 What, did you let the monsters live out of some sense of fair play?
≥ 600 gone What, did you let the monsters live out of some sense of fair play? I almost respect how you refused to play the game.
Chests open Anak's
0 +3 Completely ignoring the chests was an interesting choice. Did you think this was a test of greed? It wasn't, but I respect the tactic.
1-2 - -
3 +1 More importantly, you picked up some treasures along the way. The Lustlord completely ignored them.
4 +2
5 +3 You got most of the chests as well. That shows your mastery more than simple speed.
6 +4
7 +5 Taking every treasure along the way? That feels like simply showing off, but I did set up this contest for it.

And then the global evaluation about the whole race.

Comment Reward
≥ 13 Overall, your performance was exceptional. Once the event is concluded, you will receive the best of the prize tokens. Liquid Sex
12-11 Overall, your performance was exceptional. Once the event is concluded, you will receive one of the better tokens I prepared as prizes. Sacred Revival Potion
10-9 Overall, your performance was as strong as I expected. You'll receive one of the better prize tokens, not that it has much value to you. Holy Draught
8-6 Overall, your performance was competent, as expected. You'll receive one of the prize tokens, not that it has much value to you. Huge Lust Draught
5-3 Overall, you performed less well than I expected. Taking this all as a game? -
≤ 2 Overall, this was laughably bad. Trying to outwit me in some way? It really is just a simple mindless contest.

The dialogue with Xerces is interrupted by an unforeseen event. Tanurak kills the Skullpounder, takes his shard, and is immediately confronted by the Lustlord.

Day 5[edit | edit source]

Tanurak was accepted at the Gathering, and now it's time for Nyst's event.

Before the event, you've got the possibility to talk to some people.

  • Talking with Orilise in the Doom King's chambers results in +2 Orilise.
  • Talking with Vunne in the Alabaster Hall sets Vunne Talk ON and gives +1 Vunne.
  • Talking with the succubus chef in the Alabaster Hall sets OE Succubus Chef ON[45] and Iris Points +1 (a score for the following day's event).
  • If you spared the Orgasmic Champion and Trin rescued him in Climax (Spared Orc Connection ON), he's here and promises to return with you to Arclent.

The main event commences: a battleground in the Tower in which you can capture nodes for mana. (Items that restore mana are not allowed.) It starts by calculating your mana. Base mana is 400, and you get more the bigger your harem is.

27 +250
26-25 +200
24 +150
23 +100
22 +50
≤ 21 -

You can interact with other characters. The following interactions have an impact on results:

Character Condition Result
Nyst Push 1 + Push 2 -250 mana, Nyst Loss ON
Push 1 -100 mana
Esthera Attack[46] Empress Loss ON
Just pass through -
Mestan Give Mestan mana Mestan Mana ON, -100 mana
Tell him to fend for himself -
Tanurak[47] 100 mana Tanurak Handled ON
≤ 99 mana Tanurak Win ON

Your decision with Mestan impacts your relationhip with him, based on the support you gave him in the Lustlord's Tower domain:

  • If you helped him, then
    • giving him mana results in -2 RP, and
    • telling him to fend for himself grants +5 RP.
  • If you didn't help him, then
    • giving him mana grants +5 RP, and
    • telling him to fend for himself results in -5 RP.

This RP change only happens if Simon has ≥ 100 mana.

The following interactions have no impact on results:

Character Condition Result
Xerces zone[48] Slave Plan/
Zirantian PlanON
give Xestris mana -100 mana, Xestris mana ON
Refuse -
Slave Plan/
Zirantian PlanOFF
Lustlord Attack -100 mana
Don't attack and Vunne Talk ON Vunne Agreement ON, +2 Vunne
Vunne Talk OFF +1 Vunne
Lord of Blood Attack -100 mana, Lord of Blood Defeat ON
Offer alliance It fails, -100 mana
Truce Lord of Blood Truce ON, Helps during the Incubus War
Fuzkao Attack -100 mana
Do nothing -

Once you've done everything you want, you can interact with your starting pillar to choose to dig in and defend territory. It ends the section with some calculations.

Primary condition Secondary condition Result
Tanurak Handled OFF - Tanurak Win ON
Empress Loss ON remaining
≥ 100 -100 mana
≤ 99 and
Mestan Mana
ON -
OFF Lustlord > DK ON
OFF Mestan Mana ON -
OFF Lustlord > Mestan ON
Never interacted
with the Lustlord
Press Lustlord Press Lustlord ON
Non-aggression Vunne Agreement ON, +2 Vunne
Xestris Mana OFF - Anak Temp ON

Ideal Strategy: If you have enough mana, there is a winning strategy:

  • Take the node from Esthera
  • Talk to Mestan; choose to not give him mana (no downside if you helped him in the Lustlord's Tower, or if you are out of mana)
  • Attack Tanurak, who has appeared near your node (do this early so you have enough mana)
  • Make a truce with the Lord of Blood
  • Do not attack Fuzkao
  • Do not attack the Lustlord
  • Attack Nyst twice to get his node (-250 mana)
  • Give Xestris mana when she asks (-100 mana)
  • Finish your moves. If you have at least 100 mana left (allowing you to defend your territory against the Lustlord), you will win the game! Giving you a Shining Sword.

Next there's an investigation section, and a cutscene in which Tanurak tries to recruit Trin. After that, there are some calculations for the results of the day's event. DK Node, LL Node and Tanurak Node all have a starting value of 3.

Conditions Result
Lustlord > DK ON LL Node +1
OFF Empress Loss ON DK Node +1
Lustlord > Mestan ON LL Node +1
Press Lustlord ON LL Node -1
Nyst Loss ON DK Node +1
Anak Temp ON Tanurak Node +1
Tanurak Win ON DK Node -1

Now it's time to see who won what.

Condition Result Comment
DK Node 5 Nyst DK Win ON, Shining Sword, Eldritch Draught "you held the most territory in the end"
4 Eldritch Draught "But your work wasn't in vain!"
≤ 3 - "we didn't get anything from your efforts"
LL Node ≥ 5 Nyst LL Win ON "The Lustlord managed to hold his edge"
Tanurak Node[49] LL Node ≤ 4, DK Node ≤ 4 Nyst Tanurak Win ON "Tanurak somehow pulled ahead"

After the event, the group will discover that the Doom King's armor's spells have been nullified. Trin will step forward with a proposal to restore them.[50]

  • Flat out refusing her without hearing her out first results -15 Trin.
  • Hearing her out but still refusing results in -5 Trin.
  • Hearing her out and allowing the ritual sets Ravaging Conqueror ON and grants +5 Trin[51].

If her RP are locked, and you allow the ritual, then Trin will tell to Simon that Tanurak tried to recruit her.

Day 6[edit | edit source]

The sixth day's event is a culinary competition, organized by the Doom King. The first thing to do is to choose which country to favor in the competition to gain influence.

  • Neutrality: Gathering Influence +2
  • Favor Orgasmic Empire dishes: Gathering Orgasmic +2
  • Favor Rodakan dishes: Gathering Rodak +2
  • Favor Philonese dishes: Gathering Philon +2

After that, there's an investigation section, and then you go back to Climax. You can talk to the following characters:

  • Vunne in the Orgasmic Emporium, +2 RP with her
  • Mestan in the Fighting Ring +2, RP with him
  • You can still meet the Orgasmic Champion and the Skullpounder's Succubi to get liaisons.

Then you can talk to Xestris, who is at the top right part of the city. After talking to her, leaving the city ends the section.

Culinary competition[edit | edit source]

You now play as Iris in the Crimson Hall and collect Iris Points that measure your success in organizing it. You can talk to multiple people to gain points:

  • Nalili: Iris Points +2 if RP locked, otherwise +1.
  • Succubus near the middle table: Iris Points +1
  • Orc: Iris Points +1

Note that talking to Sabitha doesn't grant any event point, but does grant +1 RP.

After you've done that, you can talk to the succubus in the kitchen to do some final calculations. You get bonuses based on past actions, complemented by related flavor text:

  • Chalice States score ≥ 60: Iris Points +1
  • Yhilin Final ON: Iris Points +1
  • New Givini score ≥ 50: Iris Points +1
  • Orri in Ardford[52]: Iris Points +1
  • Eustrin Final ON: Iris Points +1

And now you get the results.

Consequence Comment
≥ 9 Gathering Influence +2, Gathering Rodak +1, Gathering Orgasmic +2, Gathering Philon +1, Social +3, Economy +1, +5 Iris, +2 Megail "Tales of what the rest of the world has to offer will spread everywhere."
8-6 Gathering Rodak +1, Gathering Orgasmic +1, Gathering Philon +1, Social +1, +3 Iris, +1 Megail "I think it advanced our agenda in the world as well."
5-3 - "I don't know how much we really advanced things."
≤ 2 Gathering Influence -3, Gathering Rodak -1, Gathering Orgasmic -1, Gathering Philon -1, -5 Iris, -2 Megail "I'm afraid it was a failure."

Pan-Succubus Council[edit | edit source]

Riala leads the Pan-Succubus Council, and asks for some reforms. First, there's some calculations to your Succubus Council global score.

Condition Succubus
Gathering Influence ≥ 16 +3
15-12 +2
11-8 +1
≤ 7 -1
Riala Points ≥ 12 +2
11-8 +1
≤ 7 -
Social 60 +2
59-40 +1
39 -
Economy 100 +2
99-75 +1
74 -

Here's the calculations for the scores that determine your political success concerning various issues.

  • Slavery Reform = Succubus Council + Gathering Orgasmic
  • Orgasmic Overall = Succubus Council + Gathering Orgasmic + (Orgasmic Empire score +2), if Lamia Contact ON
  • Rodak Overall = Succubus Council + Gathering Rodak + Rodak score
  • Philon Negotiation = Succubus Council + Gathering Philon + Gathering Orgasmic
  • Pan-Succubus Negotiation = Succubus Council + Negotiation Overall

And for the results:

Condition Consequence Comment
Slavery Reform ≥ 20 OE Slavery ON,[53] Negotiation Overall +2 "the Orgasmic Empire is actually thinking of reforming their slavery practices"
19-12 Negotiation Overall +1 "change will be a long and slow process"
≤ 11 - "there's no chance of the Orgasmic Empire reforming its practices"
Gathering Rodak ≥ 5 Negotiation Overall +1 "I was pleased by how receptive they seemed"
≤ 4 - "Rodak definitely won't change anything"
Gathering Philon ≥ 10 Negotiation Overall +1 "I was glad to see them throw in their support"
≤ 9 - "I'm not sure if they'll help"
Lexande Connection ON Negotiation Overall +1 "what I heard from Lexande"
Orgasmic Overall ≥ 32 OE Lamia ON, Negotiation Overall +2 "The Orgasmic Empire will be removing all official laws against lamias!"
31-28 Negotiation Overall +1 "The Orgasmic Empire seemed to really grapple with lamia issues."
≤ 27 - "I feel like we failed our lamia sisters there..."
Yhilin Final ON Yhilin Lamia ON, Negotiation Overall +1 "The Yhilini succubi were willing to listen"
OFF - "Yhilini succubi wouldn't take a stronger stance"
Rodak Overall ≥ 15 Negotiation Overall +1 "The level of cooperation they display is itself a victory."
14-10 "It's enough that they're willing to cooperate."
≤ 9 - "I'm afraid we didn't even budge the Lustlord's grip"
Gathering Influence /
Gathering Philon /
Philon Negotiation
≥ 10 /
≥ 10 /
≥ 25
Philon/OE Agreement ON,[53]
Negotiation Overall +2
"we got Philon and the Orgasmic Empire to agree to further cooperation"
Erosia score ≥ 40 Negotiation Overall +1 "I was glad to see them piping up to support us"
≤ 39 - "we don't really have their hearts"
Ghenalon score ≥ 20 Negotiation Overall +1 "I was pleased to see some support from Ghenalese succubi"
≤ 19 - "I wish we could have gotten more support from Ghenalon"
≥ 16 Permanent Council ON,
Social +1, Economy +1
"an excellent foundation"
15-13 "a strong foundation"
12-10 "I think a council will be formed"
9-6 - "I think it's unlikely."
≤ 5 Social -1, Economy -1 "Sunk, I'm afraid."

With that, the sixth day is over.

Day 7[edit | edit source]

In the Doom King's chambers, you can talk to Riala for some RP gains. If you managed to establish a permanent council during the pan-succubus negotiations, you gain +5 Riala, otherwise it's +2.

The Gathering is attacked by unstable Chosen and the situation escalates. You have to fend off three of them with your party. They detonate, dealing massive damage, and you have two rounds to kill at least one of them (if not two, depending on your level and equipment) to survive this.
Then a fight against the Lustlord ensues. Simon, binding him, can't take part in the fight. You have time to heal and to swap party members and equipment before starting the fight.

There are two EXP boosts:

  • After the Chosen battle, Simon and Nalili gain 9,999 EXP.
  • After the Lustlord battle, Simon gains 59,999 EXP.

When this is settled, the last calculations for the Gathering Overall score follow.

Condition Gathering
≥ 20 +6
19-15 +4
14-10 +2
9-5 -
≤ 4 -1
≥ 10 +2
9-4 +1
≤ 3 -
≥ 15 +2
14-10 +1
≤ 9
≥ 8 +2
7-3 +1
≤ 2
Inv Lustlord ON +1
Inv LoB
Inv Mestan
Inv Nyst
Inv Fuzkao
Inv Skullpounder

All these calculations culminate with some final results.

Consequence Comment
≥ 14 Orgasmic Empire +3, Ghenalon +3, Erosia +1, Rodak +1, Gathering Philon +4 "I'm surprised how many other groups heeded our warnings"
13-11 Light Collateral ON,[54] Orgasmic Empire +1, Ghenalon +1, Erosia +0, Rodak +0, Gathering Philon +2 "It seems many of the other groups heeded our warnings"
10-7 Heavy Collateral ON,[54] Orgasmic Empire -2, Ghenalon -1, Erosia -1, Rodak -1, Gathering Philon -1 "Sadly, only a few of the other groups heeded our warnings"
≤ 6 Heavy Collateral ON,[54] Orgasmic Empire -5, Ghenalon -3, Erosia -2, Rodak -2, Gathering Philon -3 "Sadly, our warning to other groups wasn't heeded."

After all of that, you go back to Yhilin for some final talking.

Back to Yhilin[edit | edit source]

If your Gathering Orgasmic score is ≥ 5, then Chaya (Esthera's maid) joins the staff, granting you Palace Staff +1 and HQ Hospitality +2.

If the Dari 4th Wheel counter is ≥ 3, then you gain +5 with her.

You can talk to Ginasta for +2 RP.

When you've talked to everyone, talking to Janine will play some dialogue about what happened in Rodak following the Lustlord's demise. The result changes based on your stats.

Consequence Comment
7 ≥ 5 LL Harem Saved ON[55] "I fled, and I managed to convince the harem and guards to come with me! We could have died!"
4-2 LL Harem Partial ON[55] "I fled, and I managed to convince some of the harem to come with me. But many of them were killed in the collapse."
≤ 1 - "I fled, but everyone else said we needed to trust in the Lustlord... and it collapsed on all of them."
5-6 ≥ 7 LL Harem Saved ON "I fled, and I managed to convince the harem and guards to come with me! We could have died!"
6-3 LL Harem Partial ON "I fled, and I managed to convince some of the harem to come with me. But many of them were killed in the collapse."
≤ 2 - "I fled, but everyone else said we needed to trust in the Lustlord... and it collapsed on all of them."
4-1 ≥ 9 LL Harem Saved ON "I fled, and I managed to convince the harem and guards to come with me! We could have died!"
8-5 LL Harem Partial ON "I fled, and I managed to convince some of the harem to come with me. But many of them were killed in the collapse."
≤ 4 - "I fled, but everyone else said we needed to trust in the Lustlord... and it collapsed on all of them."
≤ 0 ≥ 14 LL Harem Saved ON "I fled, and I managed to convince the harem and guards to come with me! We could have died!"
13-7 LL Harem Partial ON "I fled, and I managed to convince some of the harem to come with me. But many of them were killed in the collapse."
≤ 6 - "I fled, but everyone else said we needed to trust in the Lustlord... and it collapsed on all of them."

Investigation team[edit | edit source]

Between events, there are sections where you control Aka's group to investigate, once each day on days 2 through 6, five times total. You can sneak in any Incubus King's chamber, except the Anak since he gets a team solely dedicated to him, or you can interact with the spark and map the Tower near the Gathering complex.

Tower mapping[edit | edit source]

This action is repeatable. Each time grants a Gathering Influence +1, and if done at least once during the first three days it grants a small bonus in the Anak's Gauntlet race score. (The race bonus is unnecessary if you're willing to practice the course enough times to memorize it, so it's recommended to skip this option and focus on the investigation of rival kings.)

You fight 3 Golden Sparks and collect Strange Gold you can sell later.

Lustlord's Chambers[edit | edit source]

  • Bump into Vunne[56]: Inv Lustlord -1
  • Couch[57]: Inv Lustlord +2
  • Desk[58]: Inv Lustlord +2
  • Interact with the Clock, then the Painting and after the Drawer[59]: Inv Lustlord +2
  • Interact with the Succubi in bed: Inv Lustlord +1
  • Exit the room with Inv Lustlord ≥ 4: Inv Lustlord ON
  • Leave with the key in inventory[60]: Inv Lustlord -1

After discovering the secret compartment in the Lustlord's chambers, you can find the same one in your own. It contains a forgotten Eldritch Draught.

Lord of Blood's Chambers[edit | edit source]

  • White hair succubus in bed: Inv LoB +1, LoB Orcent Succubus ON
  • Elite Succubus in bed: Inv LoB +2
  • Succubus near the green orb: Inv LoB +2
  • Green Orb: Inv LoB +1
  • Orcs in bed: Inv LoB +2
  • Spark in bed[61]: Inv LoB +2
  • Throne: Inv LoB +2 and beat up some minor demons
  • Exit the room with Inv LoB ≥ 9: Inv LoB ON

Mestan's Chambers[edit | edit source]

You have two options: confront him directly or sneak in his room when empty. In the first case you meet Mestan (and Lilith if you chose not to help him in the fight against the Lustlord's tower nodes), and gain +5 with him. In the other case there isn't anything for you to uncover.

At some point Mestan leaves the Gathering. If you waited too long to confront him, you can only sneak up on him. So if you plan to confront him, make sure to do it before day five.

Fuzkao's Chambers[edit | edit source]

  • Box near the bed: Inv Fuzkao +2
  • Armor: Inv Fuzkao +2
  • Cot: Inv Fuzkao +1
  • Left Candelabra: Inv Fuzkao +1, Fuzkao Fire Hint ON[62][63]
  • Burn Mark (Carpet): Inv Fuzkao +2, Fuzkao Burn Inv ON[63]
  • Exit the room with Inv Fuzkao ≥ 7: Inv Fuzkao ON

Investigating Fuzkao provides a benefit during the Incubus War.

Nyst's Chambers[edit | edit source]

Go to the center of the carpet and press the interact button, follow the wisps (3 of them) and interact with the spark[64]. Checking the spark sets Inv Nyst ON.

Skullpounder's Chambers[edit | edit source]

  • Interact with the box, follow the trail, and interact with the spark[65]: Inv Skullpounder +2[66]
  • Go close to the succubi: Skullpounder Underlings ON[67]
  • Check the orc: Inv Skullpounder +2
  • Exit the room with Inv Skullpounder 4: Inv Skullpounder ON

The Skullpounder can only be investigated before day five, since he dies at the end of day four.

Dari 4th Wheel counter[edit | edit source]

Dari has a counter checking how much she feels marginalized. At 2 and 3, some special dialogue will pop up. After the 3 points dialogue there are some cosmetic changes to other dialogues, and you can gain +2 RP talking to her in the aftermath. The dialogues that increase the counter are:

  • Lustlord's Chambers: Unmissable, after the fight against the node
  • Lord of Blood's Chambers: Fight the throne's demon guardian.
  • Mestan's Chambers: Unmissable when exiting[68]
  • Nyst's Chambers: Interact with the 2nd wisp[69]

Enemy table[edit | edit source]

Enemy Weakness Resistance
Golden Spark Fire, Earth Sex, Anti-Sex, Ice, Lightning, Poison (element)
Corporeal Demon Physical Sex, Anti-Sex, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison (element), Earth
Carnal Demon Sex, Ice Physical, Anti-Sex, Fire, Poison (element)
Angry Sparkly Sex Anti-Sex

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. You want 100+
  2. Locked for best result
  3. Strength max legit value: 12
  4. Sapience max legit value: 8
  5. Magic max legit value: 5
  6. Attractiveness max legit value: 5
  7. ideally ≥ 100
  8. ideally ≥ 60
  9. ideally 70+, but at least 50 for convincing Tak'Kan to fight for the Doom King in the orcish trial
  10. ideally ≥ 60
  11. ideally ≥ 50
  12. ideally ≥ 40
  13. ideally ≥ 20
  14. No specific target needed, though you probably want at least 10
  15. Implicitly, because sets Orc Strength to 12
  16. Requires having recruited Kara in the Palace Staff and talked with her in the HQ Library
  17. Requires the Orcent-Lucy-Kara dialogue, having done the dialogue between Riala and Orcent in Ryoken Bar and having watched 12+ bar conversations.
  18. "Certain things will happen with Philon no matter what, but your value influencing them will also be relevant in the future in a way that the others aren't." -- SL
  19. No RP bonus for talking with Sabitha and Balia
  20. You need an Esthera RP score ≥ 100
  21. Orcent location: Near the Doom King's chambers
  22. Grubback location: Bottom-Left Side of the Map
  23. Unsuccubus location: in the lower part of the city, not the one close Doom King rooms
  24. White hair, white dress girl near the Lustlord's chambers
  25. Requires having recruited Kara in Palace Staff, the Orcent-Kara-Lucy conversation, Orcent-Riala Bar talk (Ryoken) and ≥ 12 Orcent Bar talks
  26. Requires having recruited Kara in Palace Staff and the Orcent-Kara-Lucy conversation
  27. The effects after that are unknown, but it's possible that it will be worth it to spare him.
  28. In total, five investigation rounds will take place.
  29. Changes his skills Defeat Human King and Save World to Vanquish Human Tyrant and Safeguard the Realm, similar but with a slight better MAG multiplier
  30. You can loose the match, but the gains aren't good enough to make it worth it.
  31. Inv LoB ON
  32. Inv Skullpounder ON
  33. Inv Lustlord ON
  34. You need to have triggered the locking affection dialogue
  35. Same room Simon used to discuss the immigration problem during his previous stay in the Empire
  36. Required to end the section
  37. 37.0 37.1 Long term effects are unknown
  38. Investigate Skullpounder's chambers and listen to the succubi dialogue
  39. Children's location: vault corridor (Palace 1B), hiding beyond a candelabra (Palace 3F) and Orgasmic Emporium
  40. Same room as in Simon's Route
  41. The chest at the bottom left of the map is unreachable (even if one would reach it by cheating it countains 0 Sx)
  42. somewhat bottom right of the map
  43. top left of the map
  44. Because you clearly cheated
  45. The switch is probably just for changing dialogues, without further mechanical effects.
  46. This option doesn't cost any mana.
  47. He appears near the pillar south of your starting point.
  48. Can only be approached from the north
  49. It depends on the DK Node score and the LL Node score, but the actual Tanurak Node score isn't used in calculations.
  50. Turning Trin down here has significant consequences later on in the Incubus War.
  51. This also makes it more likely for Trin to survive the Incubus War.
  52. The only requirement is that they moved to Ardford, you don't have to visit them.
  53. 53.0 53.1 Reduces the cost of an investment in Climax, and Lexande appears to care about it.
  54. 54.0 54.1 54.2 As of v0.59, this increases the cost of two cleanup investments, in Climax and Rodak.
  55. 55.0 55.1 Reduces the cost of an investment in Rodak
  56. Only the first time
  57. Interact with the upper central section of the couch from the upper tile
  58. In the right room
  59. The drawer is in the left room
  60. It's applied just after the check for the switch Inv Lustlord. You can put the key in the original place after checking the drawer
  61. It requires having examinated the master bed.
  62. With Fuzkao Fire Hint ON a spark will be shown to point the burn marks on the carpet, but is not required to check the carpet.
  63. 63.0 63.1 I think the Fuzkao Fire Hint and Fuzkao Burn Inv are only used to show/hide the spark and change some dialogues during the investigation.
  64. The dialogue will change if Inv Skullpounder ON. It's flavor text, no mechanical change.
  65. The sequence is box of things, right chair (from player's perspective), left candelabra, wall crack, and the spark
  66. The dialogue will change if Inv Nyst ON. It's flavor text, no mechanical change.
  67. If done in the first two opportunities, you will meet them in the visit to the Orgasmic capital city, Climax, when playing Riala's team.
  68. Both direct/sneak versions
  69. The one requiring Aka's help